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Advice on travelling with two passports

Hi all

I need advice on the following:

I am travelling to the USA with an official South African passport (on official business). Obviously I will have a USA visa as well. After the visit to the USA I would like to visit my brother in England en route back to South Africa. I happen to be a German citizen as well and I have a German passport. I am aware that one does not need a visa for England if you have a German passport, but with a South African passport one needs a visa.

Is it possible for me to do the following:

Can I enter the USA with my official South African passport, then leave USA with the same passport. Then enter UK with my German passport and leave Uk with my German passport. Then upon arrival in South Africa, I enter with my South African Passport. Will this be possible? If not, can anyone give me advice on what will be the best way to do this without running into trouble along the way? I would appreciate any advice on this...especially as this will be my first overseas trip.


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